Venn Radar Plot tool: Evaluating ideas along the way

Nov 11th 2018

Venn Radar Plot helps the team rate ideas


While the Rose, Bud, Thorn tool helps stimulate conversation during early idea development, a more well-rounded system of evaluation is needed periodically as those ideas start to advance. One method for doing this is to bring together multiple stakeholders, such as subject matter experts and country representatives, and ask them to perform a quick rating based on:

  • Desirability: The degree to which this intervention is needed or wanted. The amount of impact it will have on the lives of the people you’re trying to reach.
  • Feasibility: The degree to which this can be achieved – how easy it is to fund, to coordinate and to make into a reality.
  • Viability: The degree to which this intervention will sustain itself once implemented. Consider its ongoing business model, its integration with existing systems and its long-term sustainability.

The Venn Radar Plot presents the concept ratings on axes and provides a very quick visual representation of how promising the different concept might be. This is most effective in facilitating comparison between multiple concepts.

Method for voting

  1. The concept’s creator presents their work and answers questions from the stakeholder group.
  2. Each stakeholder rates the concept using their personal scoring card. Five is the most desirable, the most feasible and the most viable. Zero is the least desirable, the least feasible and the least viable.
  3. After everyone has rated the concept, each team member places three stickers on the concept’s venn diagram next to the numbers they chose.


It will become quickly apparent which concepts have weaknesses in one or more of these areas, so the next step is to identify and address those.

The Venn Radar Plot Tool

The Venn Radar Plot Guidelines