Understand: Synthesising findings from Kenya

Kenya, May 8th 2019

Over the course of the two design research Discover phases in Kenya, Core’s efforts were geared towards capturing the unheard voices of women and to identify the drivers that would inform the design of future solutions. In the first, the team contextualised the background research conducted using the life course approach in Kiambu and Kajiado counties. At this point, the initial, wide area for focus began to emerge: the barriers to trial and adoption of family planning methods. In the second phase, Core sharpened  this selected focus area to explore how family planning decisions are made, especially the role of men in decision-making as well as their influence on the sexual and reproductive health of their partners in general, and began in-context design research in the peri-urban Kilifi county.

The team has began the rigorous process of synthesising the gathered data, bringing us to the Understand stage in Core’s human-centered design process. In the ensuing effort to grasp the nuance within the gathered data, the team developed a gendered lens with which to make sense of sexual interactions and family planning in Kenya.

Kenya: The Understand Stage