HCD Basics

HCD Basics is a free, self-directed, and introductory e-learning course on human-centered design (HCD) for public health professionals, developed by Scope Impact in collaboration with partners as part of the Core Nigeria project. The course content is linked to a public health context and is complementary to Core Nigeria’s Virtual Network and Design Clinic, but it also serves as a standalone course that is suitable for anyone interested in understanding HCD and applying the innovation process to their work.

During the course, participants will learn how to:

  • Apply HCD to new or ongoing programmes for greater inclusivity and community co-ownership of implementation.
  • Use insights from affected people’s perspective to design more effective and sustainable programmes.
  • Uncover how people’s emotions and contextual factors can impact a programme’s success.
  • Bring together different disciplines to develop innovative new solutions to challenges.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce risks before scaling interventions through early testing and rapid iteration.

Course participants are guided through six interactive modules. Learners completing all modules will receive a certificate. HCD Basics is located on the Kaleidoscope online learning platform, where, in addition to signing up for the course, HCD tools and resources can be accessed by anyone interested in using them in participatory programme design.